Friday, February 22, 2013
it's finally friday(well.. saturday morning at 12:51am) ! this week has been a exhausting one, but thankfully it didn't go by excruciatingly slow. 
the week filled with lack of sleep, annoyance of school, and busy-ness of everything. we are working on some exciting stuff, long term, hope it works out. and we also welcomed a new member into our family, i'll share that soon. 5 more weeks until spring break! (yes, i'm already counting down)

for those who know me well, i'm a fan of any possible cuisine, i love food in general. but a couple safetys of mine that doesn't go wrong would be japanese and italian. so we chose to have some delicious sushi this evening, i will have to take my family to this place :) 

an inch of my friday-

this pretty much sums up our friendship (please excuse my ugly ass double chin) :

 ^^ my fav, green tea ice cream ^

and now, i'm off to sleeping, sleeping and sleeping until i wake up naturally in the morning or noon, who knows :)


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