Tuesday, April 1, 2014
part ii!! 
we woke up early(9am) and spent the day in san francisco. it was sooo worth it! i personally feel that san francisco is a more chill and wayy more spread out version of nyc. LOVE the sf vibes!! just driving around and all.
^^ driving through the golden gate bridge always feels magical even though it's like my fourth time^
^^obligatory golden gate tourist pic!^
^^ my flavors were the salted caramel and chocolate, his were mint chocolate chip and both were WAYYY too delicious.  it's said, bi-rite has the best ice cream!! ^^

^^ have a picnic by the painted ladies, so worth it or by the golden gate park^
^^ view from twin peaks around sunset, a must!!^
^^ god i love san francisco, can't wait to move to california for a bit and enjoy that cali life^ will be back there soon!

Monday, March 31, 2014
So I know it's been a while since Lola's focused appearance here on the blog. I just downloaded Photoshop on my computer, so I think it's time to get back into using the dslr instead of always only using 'iphoneography'. I just took a quick snap of Lola to share for this post. She is doing very good, she's so used to the city and it's sounds and sights now. She's used to meeting new people on a daily basis and much more friendly and adaptable. 

Although she has adapted to apartment living, I'm not sure she enjoys it too much, think she misses being able to run around a three level house with stairs and a yard compared to my tiny one bedroom.  After this trip to California, I'm pretty hell bent on moving out there and trying it out for at least a year after graduation. I'm sure Lola's going to LOVE that.

As for now, I present to you, this stinker face, five minutes ago:
I finally exported the little fun film for when my family reunited in Vail, CO for Chinese New Year. This would be the first year I wouldn't be going back to Singapore to celebrate Chinese New Year with the rest of the family. But it turns out my Dad had to be in Denver for a business trip. So that makes that me and my dad's absence. My mom figured she'll take my little sister and we would all celebrate it here. I flew over to Denver to meet them for a few days and my mom and sister came back to NYC with me for a few days. Best Chinese New Year ever? Yes!
Oh and I got to watch my first Brooklyn Nets game, with my sister. it was funnn!

This trip was SO much needed. It was THE trip that gave me a turn around in life and from my 'quarter life crisis'. Without it, I think I would still be in it. Being with family, and in the mountains, doing what I love, in mother nature, really did help. Sometimes you just need to get away from the city to clear your mind, and what could be better than a weekend snowboarding in Vail?
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