Monday, March 31, 2014
I finally exported the little fun film for when my family reunited in Vail, CO for Chinese New Year. This would be the first year I wouldn't be going back to Singapore to celebrate Chinese New Year with the rest of the family. But it turns out my Dad had to be in Denver for a business trip. So that makes that me and my dad's absence. My mom figured she'll take my little sister and we would all celebrate it here. I flew over to Denver to meet them for a few days and my mom and sister came back to NYC with me for a few days. Best Chinese New Year ever? Yes!
Oh and I got to watch my first Brooklyn Nets game, with my sister. it was funnn!

This trip was SO much needed. It was THE trip that gave me a turn around in life and from my 'quarter life crisis'. Without it, I think I would still be in it. Being with family, and in the mountains, doing what I love, in mother nature, really did help. Sometimes you just need to get away from the city to clear your mind, and what could be better than a weekend snowboarding in Vail?


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