Tuesday, April 1, 2014
part ii!! 
we woke up early(9am) and spent the day in san francisco. it was sooo worth it! i personally feel that san francisco is a more chill and wayy more spread out version of nyc. LOVE the sf vibes!! just driving around and all.
^^ driving through the golden gate bridge always feels magical even though it's like my fourth time^
^^obligatory golden gate tourist pic!^
^^ my flavors were the salted caramel and chocolate, his were mint chocolate chip and both were WAYYY too delicious.  it's said, bi-rite has the best ice cream!! ^^

^^ have a picnic by the painted ladies, so worth it or by the golden gate park^
^^ view from twin peaks around sunset, a must!!^
^^ god i love san francisco, can't wait to move to california for a bit and enjoy that cali life^ will be back there soon!


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