Friday, April 19, 2013
this past week, the news has been pretty crazy. the residents of boston and surrounding areas must be so scared right now, i hope it gets better for them. and for the people affected by the texas explosion as well. 

i'm headed to the airport in a couple hours to catch my flight to denver and nyc. i'm not sure this would be the best time to enter the u.s., let alone go to nyc, but life has to go on and we have to carry on with our plans. and in the mean time, i'll be missing this kid (well the dog, lola) the whole time and thinking of what would be a good park for her to run around and make friends.

(and thanks to noel for taking that picture, she should just be my family photography aha )

^oh and i FINALLY completed my ap photography course. been busting' my ass all week for this. im real embarrassed about my photos, if i would've known it'd be hung up, i'd have worked harder. just glad to be done! ^^

ok, i'll be blogging(and tweeting!) from denver next time, hoping it's not to cold there!

now, back to rush packing ;)


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