Friday, August 16, 2013
We have been so crazy busy here. I met up with a friend last night and today I had a twin newborn session. And I've been having computer issues so I finally got a new laptop today. Yay or nay? Yay- new laptop. Nay-I'm now so very broke. Anyway, tomorrow marks the first day of orientation for me, as a college freshman, which means the beginning of my next four years and SUMMER IS OVER. I still can't believe summer is over. Where did summer go?! This one felt too short.

This Wednesday, August 14th 2013, we had the most incredible weather here in New York City. It was super breezy, to the point where I felt like I was getting sick in my daisy dukes and t shirt. It felt like fall, without the fall leaves. But it was BEAUTIFUL. We happily hit Central Park during their off leash hours(I think you guys have enough CP pictures for now). And then I had a meeting(photo biz), and he told me I should try out the beach one day, he recommended Long Beach or Jersey Shore. When I got back from my meeting I knew we had to be out the whole day, we had to make the effort, so the spontaneous decision of going to the beach came along. We hopped on the A for an hour or so and arrived at Rockaway beach. Now, it's no Hawaii but it's still a good getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Best part, they're super dog friendly. As you can tell, my furry friend enjoyed it very much.
^^ heheheheheehe i love the beach- lola ^^

^^still not a fan of water though, but not terribly terrified, doggy paddles to die for^
^^ can i say beautiful in every single language, we will be back^

We then came back dropped our stuff and decided to walk to Lola's vet to pick up some stuff and slowly walk to and through the Hudson River Park, and sat out for as long as we could to watch the sunset. It was magical, that's all. Even Lola the homebody didn't want to leave. (instagram) The following exhibits the evening vibes of that very Wednesday on the west side:

Oh and I finished season one of Orange is the New Black yesterday. With all the Breaking Bad hype with grown men throwing Breaking-Bad-watching-parties, I figured I might as well give it a try. Probably while editing or something I'll keep it on the side. But Orange is the New Black is a.. interesting show. It amazes me that it was based off a true story, I'm going to have to do more research on that. Any thoughts? It definitely isn't your typical 'Hollywood' stuff since it basically consists of pretty 'run down' women. 

And let the busy-ness begin. I will try to blog when I can and try not to bore you since I'm mostly just running errands. Oh and I picked up the guitar with lessons, so maybe you'll get a little video on here next time. 


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