Sunday, August 4, 2013
I'm in Minnesota right now, shooting babies with my friend Kadi. We're having a ton of fun but I do miss Lola dearly.
The day before I left we went to Central Park for the morning, wait, scratch that, I meant we do Central Park at least three times a week. We love it there, so this will just be the beginning of posts of it. Lola gets to run off leash before 9! She usually goes home and passes out after this though, and I just sit on the couch munching on something watching Honey Boo Boo, or something (just kidding, maybe). I can't give away too much on what we do since this is a habitual thing and this is the internet.

The city can be so hot in July, with the heat, and the cars, the trucks, the subway- the park is best for cooling off and relaxing.
^one of the best live music you can find the city, i love that guy^

^ she knows now. every time we walk by that huge grassland, she refuses to walk until she gets to run her rounds there. she does the bunny run, which is the happiest cutest run ever. it makes me very happy to see her happy^

^^ so central huh^

^^ still trying to get her to have a dip, but i know she won't do it until maybe 20 years later, who knows^

^ newly discovered carrier from a friend at her playgroup. i can wear it like a backpack which makes it easier for me to accomplish things around the city. ^

and prepare yourself for many more pictures of central park for the next four years. and some baby ones coming up as well.


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