Monday, March 10, 2014
we were supposed to go up to Albany to visit my friend Jennifer last sunday but due to snow we weren't able to. So taking the opportunity of awesome weather this sunday we headed up yesterday. And since on saturday we had nice warm weather here in the city, i stupidly thought it would be the same up there as well, therefore, i planned a hike. 

about an hour into the road trip i started to see frozen snow everywhere and thats when i realized, city weather would've been different from up there(why didn't i think of this before?!). anyway, we just thought we'd check it out as planned and see how it goes. 
well.... it was fun, it was cold/freezing, it was beautiful, it was painful, stepping into the frozen snow, boy do they cut you real good. 

^^^ we be ready to head up^
^^ it was awesome seeing my friend Jennifer again!^
^^ baby bear enjoying being.. a baby bear^
^^ thats how every step we took looked like, except we were crying in pain^

^ hike after party at cvs first aid aisle!^
^^first time pumping gas myself/no parents^
^^ drive back to the city was tough, got home at midnight, i was on the verge of falling asleep, driving at about 90mph. i had to force myself to sing and dance to keep myself awake^
^^ returning the car earlyyyy this morning, always love driving through the city^

sorry for my lack of communications/thoughts. i spent the day in bed today, sick, still sick. i think I'm just over exhausted from yesterdays trip. i totaled about 7 hours of driving in a day,  and a intense hike that got my injured. but all in all, it was beautiful, fun, and worth it :)


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