Thursday, January 10, 2013
So I think a little explaining for this blog would be good. let's get this out of the way, shall we?

I'm Phoebe, a senior in high school. Yes this is me ->

And this is my dog, Lola, whom I LOVE so very much, she means the world to me. My favorite moments with her ->

Yup, it's going to just be the two of us in about 5 months. 

Few things about me:
- I'm from Singapore, currently live in Shanghai, and will be attending university in the US this fall.
- i'd like to say i'm pretty well travelled and open minded to all cultures
- i LOVE traveling, it's like a addiction, to be the world is my backyard and this world is too beautiful to not be hungry for.
- i love Lola with all my heart (obviously)
- I have a photography business - Phoebe Lee Photography (like the Facebook page if you will!)
- i looooove babies, i love spending time with them and playing with them
- i hope to be a film director in the future, so yes, i love film making
- i'm currently a senior in high school, it sucksssss
- my humor can be pretty dry sometimes, or a little overwhelming at times, bare with me :)
- i can be pretty cynical at times
- I'm pretty sarcastic
- oh and i tweet a lot so if you haven't got sick of me yet, here we go - my twitter
- starting this blog is a challenge for me since I'm not too fond of sharing my personal life with strangers, i will tryyyyyy :)

I've always had the idea of starting a blog on my travels on my summer between high school and college. BUT now, my dad won't be funding my in my summer travels(and i politely declined for *independence* reasons), so i have started this blog a bit early and hoping I can earn some money *somehow* to fund my summer travels. i currently have no plans in doing so, but just saying, if i were to take a gap year, i will travel all around the world. i've always dreamed on backpacking through huge countries/continents. 

So please help me if you can (just by being an audience to this blog would be great help). Thank you.


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