Saturday, January 19, 2013

The past few days passed was a little crazy. A couple surprise wake up calls! Busy busy busy as always. But busier with the arrival of some exciting news(I'll have it in a separate post soon!) :D I'm very blessed and thankful. All I can say is that there are a lot of things in the works for exciting stuff. I should probably go to sleep since it's almost two in the morning and I have a lunch date tomorrow figuring some stuff out about the fun stuff about to happen, I'll be back soon :)

For now, life lately according to my iPhone photos (minus the good news ;) ) :

lola being cute as usual // working on a lot of rebranding stuff for this fall // tried to give lola a mohawk but failed // discovered she had her own mohawk on her chest already // saw some photos of me surfing, good times // maddie being herself // favorite moments // she's too cute sleeping on me

Happy Sunday!


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