Sunday, January 20, 2013


it's official. after talking/thinking/dreaming about it for the past three(?) years, i'm happy to say that i will be moving to new york city with lola this summer. i was afraid if i wrote a post about it, i'd jinx it, and i'm still pretty afraid of that, but oh well, fingers crossed, wood touched, i hope nothing goes wrong. i just got done booking me and lola's tickets over, well, and a bunch of other ones for my family. you see, i'm in charge of things like that in my family. i have to say i am so very incredibly thankful for this opportunity, it was truly Godsend. i know that it's going to be a exciting but challenging move, and i'm totally all up for it. the amount of things i have to do prepping for this move is.. A LOT. 

and oh man, when i was on the phone with the singapore airlines rep, it literally hit me right then of how much i'm going to miss singapore. im going to miss it so much, and shanghai too. these two cities mean too much to me, two truly remarkable cities. but at the same time, i'm so crazily excited for what new york city has to bring for me and lola.

i look forward to taking everyone who comes to nyc to dylan's candy bar, i look forward to walking around times square for the hundredth time for another tourist friend, i look forward to over indulging in the oh-so-delicious shake shack, i look forward to dreamy evening walks with lola in central park, i look forward to the hustle bustle and speed the city has, and whatever amazingness it has to offer :D

so if you've got any tips or anything about living in the city, bring it on! :) 
p.s. i love food.


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