Friday, January 25, 2013
this week hasn't been the greatest. i just couldn't wait for it to be over. now that it's friday, i can kinda catch a breath. i stayed home from school wednesday and thursday from feeling sick. i know at least five people who aren't feeling their best this week. interesting how everyone's falling ill at the same time... anyway, i'm just glad this week(days) is over and now i can be happy over the weekend even though it means a whole bunch of different kind of work, but still...

other than lying in bed sick watching csi for a good part of the week, this was a small part of it(?) : 

in stagecraft class drilling screws // official college acceptance letters finally came in the mail // got a 3.0 for the first time in my entire high school career whoot(?) // noel's adorable labrador jordan, huge dogs who want love badly make my heart melt // her cute shiba inu // story-telling time, look belowww-------> (don't know how to type a arrow facing down, so this will do)

SO. that last iMessage screenshot. yep, i got pranked-ish by a kid. i tutor this kid, and he didn't want to go out with his parents for dinner tonight. i was supposed to check in on him on in a while tonight or if he texts me to go over i would. but later his mom texted me saying he's going out with them. so ok, solved. then later i get a text from his iPad saying that he's scared and wants me to go over and that he watched bloody mary (that was self explanatory from the pic, sry). didn't sound like him, i was a little scared cuz it sounded haunted. so yes, long story short, 9 year olds get into mischief easily.

now I'm going on to appreciate every single minute of my 48 hour weekend (with tons of work in mind). happy weekend! and now i am hungry.


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