Sunday, January 27, 2013
this weekend consisted too much of laying around and doing nothing. after so many years of experience i still haven't learnt the consequences of procrastination. i need to stop procrastinating on going to the dentist, its so bad for me. im still not quite used to remembering to take photos for the blog. so for some things i completely forget, and when i remember, i think i take too much. 

sooo other than lazing in bed, i lazed in bed some more, worked out at the gym with noel, drove around during sunset thinking and listening to music, who doenst love some alone time, and i had some excellent shabu shabu wagyu beef from japan, yumm. and i met with a friend at a cafe that had some amazing tuna wrap, gotta take a photo of that next time dangit. 

and now i'm back to working on photography and studying for my make up algebra test tomorrow. if i can get these two done tonight i'd be smiling in my sleep. and then the dreaded monday arrivesssss


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