Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm so glad January is finally over, it felt like a really long month with multiples flu runs. Hope February will be warmer and less polluted. Singapore will be this Friday for Chinese New Year, really looking forward to a change of environment for a bit.

I took out another one of my wisdom tooth today, so I'm looking like a one-sided chipmunk again :(
And I've been sleeping at 3/4 am in the morning watching this tv show I just picked up, almost all caught up.

This past week in...

the human dog // helping noel with her project // lola's vampire-like underbite // delicioussss pizza with noel and her friend // turned in baby photos for yearbook // discovered one direction pillows // worked out some more // upper left wisdom tooth

And now I'm off to tutoring with gauze in my mouth...


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