Thursday, February 14, 2013
Happy Lunar New Year!!
Singapore has been quite the journey, so here we go.

^^^ i got a haircut right before returning to Singapore. i haven't had such short hair in years. i'd be running my fingers through my hair and it'd suddenly stop. totally used to it now though! ^^^

^^^ it's valentine's day today, so happy valentine's day! sweethearts candies are always a fav of mine during this period ^^^

^^^ it finally(!) snowed in shanghai the day before i left, and i always take one with lola before i leave on trips ^^^

^^^ blue skies is are weak spot of mine, so is mickey d's, used up my mickey d's 'token' for the next 5 months. but when it's midnight and you're starving, what beats a good ol' filet o' fish and ice milo(oh please make it available worldwide!) ^^^

^^^ we're staying at a apartment this time. took a bit to get used to. elevator opens and bam the apartment is right there. first time for me ^^^

^^^ i'm usually a positive person, but singapore disappointed me quite a bit this time, it's been raining every single day. please stop already, i hate rain, a lot ^^^

^^^ and lastly whats's chinese new year without red packets right. and this year instead of putting it into my 'in case of a rainy day bank' i get to keep it since i'll be 18 this year! it's not much but it still helps me with everything :) ^^^


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