Monday, February 18, 2013
i'd be lying if i said it was an amazing trip and i had the best time ever. because, truth is, i didn't. especially the last part of my trip.
cousin sleepovers, durians, suppers, amateur gambling were all a lot of fun, don't get me wrong. but i spent most of my last few days in singapore in the hospital with my grandma, oh it was bad, really bad. I'm just glad the situation is improving now. and then some huge news dropped on me, so that took a bit of time/energy to accept and get used to the idea of it. so from hospital runs to a good chunk of mental processing, it's safe to say i'm exhausted from the whole trip.

SO where's my next vacation at?!?!

^^^ cousins came over for a sleepover. and i got one of them hooked on pretty little liars ;) ^^

^^ morning durian runs are the BEST, had em for brunch. missing them already!!! ^^

^^^ 12:30am, dad took us for supper at newton circus, walked in and it was completely packed, can't beat the singaporean supper culture :)  ^^

^^ ahh, yes, snails, fresh coconut, and ice milo (and this fried noodle thing) for supper ^^

^^ a little in house chinese new year gamblin' with the fam. think it's safe to say i lost, good thing i walked away before it was too late ^^^

^^^ i won't deny there was just this ONE day, it was really nice. it drizzled for 3 minutes and we were back to blue skies and sunshine ^^

^^ gardens by the bay, i'll say visit it in the evening, during sunset, it's pretty nice (especially for a photo shoot!) (better not be scared of heights!) ^^

^^^ have i not mentioned that it rained a lot. and when i mean a lot, i mean A LOT, like at least once every single day. come on! ^^

^^and i'm finally back home! who doesn't love a good rub on your neck?! i'd love one, i'm completely exhausted! ^^


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