Thursday, March 7, 2013
i'm falling asleep as i type this, i'll try to make it quick. this past week has been exhausting. 

right after my previous post, i realized things weren't right so i took her to the vet. turns out she has acute pancreatitis. life-threatening, yes. i allowed her to be hospitalized for only one night, even though it should've been more. we spent the entire weekend at the vet for her iv fluids, 9am to 9pm. i've been doing nothing other than spending lots and lots of time at the hospital sitting with her while she gets her fluids and trying to make it to school. i haven't really slept since last friday. i can finally write about this now, because tonight when i went to pick her up, the doc said she was done with the fluids for now, and doesn't need to go back tomorrow. she's improved enough to be monitored from home and controlled by oral meds, just hope she keeps getting better and recovers well :) 

gosh, i could write a whole book about the amount of time i spent at the vet this past week. so much tears (mine of course, who else cries more than me). i saw so much, and learnt quite a bit. i witnessed three beautiful dogs' passing. i witnessed a vet rush to perform cardiac resuscitation, but failed(it was awful), and i witnessed these loving owners having to make the decision of putting their suffering dog to sleep. i mourned so much. so much. being a vet is.. tough.

please excuse the excessive amount of vet photos but i sat next to her for 12 hours doing nothing. so..

while this unfortunate thing went down, we had the most beautiful weather this past week, I'm not kidding. we went from bitter winter to basically immediate spring. blue skies and warm sunshine everyday. in just two days i went from t shirt and jeans to a shirt and short shorts, yes.

i am just so thankful to be writing this with lola asleep recovering beside me. SO THANKFUL. (please  let it stay this way, forever..) oh lola, i love you so much and am so glad you're much better now.


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