Friday, March 1, 2013

..or maybe i'm just being superstitious... but according to the weather report, it was supposed to be cold, dark, rainy and gloomy today, and it was! thankfully it looks like the rest of the week will be warm and sunny. just yesterday we were out and playing in the warm sun and today we're cooped up inside and cussing every time we walk outside.

lola woke up this morning super sick. she's better now, but still not herself just yet :( we're getting there!

i realized i talk about weather A LOT. on twitter, on here, basically anywhere. and it will continue. thats because the weather outside really affects me. it could make my day, it could ruin my day.. you get the point. 

oh and is it friday? yessssss. this much needed friday has finally arrived.

i look forward to the sunny weekend my weather app is telling me! happy weekend!


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