Friday, March 29, 2013
end of the week are my favorites because that means the weekend is on its way. 

thursday morning was spent watching argo (amazing movie, btw!) in film class, and the road (real sad..) in english class. 

thursday afternoon was spent taking lola for joy rides in the spring weather and a nice peaceful cafe lunch with noel.

and finally thursday evening was spent at a delicious japanese dinner with friends and later filming a little something called the harlem shake (pictures or videos will not be posted for the sake of your eyes) ;) 
^^sorry for the mess. why do i always remember to take a picture after i'm done?!?
^ oh my all time favorite ^^

AND friday. which was 40 minutes ago. well, i just stayed in bed all day until the evening i finally dragged my lazy ass out of bed for a shower and went to a birthday party and ended the night with laughter and a few drinks.

NOW. i have a whole bunch of things to do with the most annoying one being packing. so wish me good luck on that and next time i'll be tweeting from singapore.

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  1. Awesome pictures of food! End-of-the-weeks are also my favorite! It just makes me relax until the weekend is over :))


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