Wednesday, April 3, 2013
i just arrived back in shanghai from a quick trip to singapore consisting of just three full days. i had some things in mind since i currently have no plans for another one back before i go to college yet. 

singapore was hot and humid as usual, but can't beat the good food(and cute kids)! i spent a few hours visiting my grandma at the hospital everyday(no pics of that for obvious reasons) and was able to squeeze some other things in here and there. 

so here's to a long ass post consisting of very few days... :)

^^ upon arrival. yeah filet o fish, available everywhere. ice milo, only south east asia, a fav since young 
^^ chicken rice for me, best simple meal EVER. no seriously. missing it already! ^

^ some udon and green tea ice cream, but sorry singapore, shanghai's got better japanese ;) 
^ and every evening i ask myself why didn't i bring my bathing suit! ^
^delish ramen with my cousin!

okay, time was real tight and all but i was dying to see these kids! im so in love with jai's hair and usha's sweetness. oh those two :) 

^^ and oh yeah, hope everyone had a great easter! ^ 
and a few videos of the cuties made on the vineapp!
^ and how could i leave singapore without a taste of durian! it was hard to find since its not the season
^^dont worry, this isn't some kind of weird ritual. just add salt and water to the inside of the shell and its good for you and tasty! 
^ disgusting singapore sunrises ;)

 whew! and now at the end of this post, i am officially hungry, maybe starving! and i just had my dinner...

it's always a bittersweet feeling leaving singapore and returning to shanghai. singapore is my home, but shanghai is my home too. but i'm glad to be back with lola and sleeping in my own bed :) 

there goes half my spring break, now comes the last half!

until next time singapore! <3


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