Saturday, April 6, 2013
while i battled with insomnia, switching the lights on and off, twisting and turning in different positions, the poor girl only got around 8 minutes of sleep each time to be precise. this went on until 7 in the morning. today's going to be a busy day for us with guests in town, but i think naps are going to make it's way to today's schedule!
while everyone was asleep and i was unable to, i was able to read a book(finally!!), and guess what, i finished it too(very rare for me). with all the hype that's going on around it, i picked up john green's the fault in our stars while i was in singapore. i don't have much thoughts on it, or maybe i do, i just don't know how to express it. it felt like a tragic love story in some ways, but lovely and sweet and sad at the same time. i definitely won't say i regret reading it but i won't be re-reading it every single night for the next month that's for sure. there's something about it, a little of a love/hate relationship. i thoroughly enjoyed it but did not enjoy it as well. the story does keep me thinking. i did enjoy that the writing is much better than fifty shades of greys. and i thank john green for accompanying me through my sleeplessness :)

i've been enjoying time alone reading lately. but i'm in short of good books to read, i'm a real sucker for romance, recommendations? 

have a great weekend!


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