Sunday, April 7, 2013
i'm happy to say i didn't spend my entire shanghai part of spring break laying in bed doing nothing. 

so here's my second half of spring break in shanghai according to my iphone and camera...

first full day back i had brunch with noel(they have the bessttt salmon linguine there!), and then decided to have a photo shoot which was really fun and resulted in some nice photos :) 

and then we went for a much needed(!!) manicure the next afternoon. i went with my usual comfort zone color, and she tried some thing new, i really like it! then our friends from melbourne arrived, we took them out for my favorite udon in shanghai :)

^^ God, i love this city at night ^

and today we woke up to a niceee spring day. it was warm, we had blue skies, and a good amount of sun. so i took on the task of taking both pups for a walk out. sun on our skin(our fur!), ah it felt GOOD.
^^ how CUTE is this face?! ^
another one of fav, lunch at din tai fung. they have the best soup dumplings ever, we had to take our guests in town!

before we say goodbye to our friends we had to have a cup of after lunch coffee with them in the sun! this city. in the spring. i love so much.

this wraps up my last high school spring break, and i am back to school tomorrow :(


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