Wednesday, April 10, 2013
this was pretty much my view of the day. decolgen, tums, and water being my best friend. well, and my iphone and ipad. 

a few days ago i bought the book 'My Life Next Door' on my ipad and have been reading it every chance i could. since was sick in bed all day, i managed the finish the book today. it's safe to say now i can't stop thinking about that book. i've fallen madly in love with the character jase. i don't want to give away too much so, in simple summary, it was an awesome book, buy it if you haven't and read away! crossing my fingers that a movie version of the book will be made or a sequel will be released! 

it's a little hard for me to want to read another book now, but i'm going to. speaking of which, this was my first time reading a book electronically. and i can't say whether i prefer reading it on paper or on the ipad, love both for its own reasons! i have four paper books waiting for me so it's paper book next. 
favorite part about reading it on an ipad, not needing to switch the lights on at night to read it, and i can adjust the brightness :)
now, go get the book!


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