Friday, May 3, 2013
so yes. it's been a long while and i'm back from the land of america! i've finally pulled myself to getting the photos on my laptop and now on the blog. i gave myself a jet lag this time and i think i caught a cold :( 

anyway, the trip was a success. we're still in the process of a lot of things so i can't celebrate just yet but things are going well right now(fingers crossed!!). 

before we headed to nyc, we had to drop by denver for a couple days for my dad's meeting. haven't been to denver in two years, i think it's changed, it grew, more restaurants, shops, etc. and grew on me for sure! and boy, it was end april and it was cold!

i tried my best to journalize it through images(definitely went out of my usual self!), so here it is, denver through my iPhone photos and dslr...
^^ well actually that's san francisco, we had to transfer and boy do i miss san francisco, it was so beautiful!^^
^^ oh the mountains in colorado are my favorite^
^ if anyone's looking for a good meal in denver, Elway's at the ritz has some delicious steak!^

^^ apologies for this unpleasantness. yep, i get nosebleeds every time I'm in denver, fun. ^

^ our old friend took us to a rockies game. unfortunately, they lost after their 8 game winning streak ^

and then came the storm. snow storm, almost may, yes. but i think it's because of the silly shanghai me that gets so miserably cold and get no snow at all, i found it to be absolutely beauuuutiful. i loved it. it turned out to my best day in denver. my dad had a meeting that morning before we flew out so i got some 'me' time to walk around and enjoy the snow. it was a real treat for me.

^^ it got too cold, i couldn't feel my toes and fingers. sitting in starbucks sipping my warm mocha and watching the snow fall. pure bliss. ^^
i had to hit my favorite book store in denver. tattered cover book store. seriously, love it. it's so cozy and has so too many books. i could just spend my day reading there in one of their comfy chairs. a must go if you like books and happen to be in the city!

^^Maggianos. oh and who cares about dining alone when you've got a hot and humorous waiter! ;) ^

that's it for denver. i'll try to get the new york part up soon, adding that to the list of a million things i have to do(when is this going to stop!). 

i'm a month away from graduation and i cannot wait. cannot wait. 

in the mean time, happy friday and happy weekend!


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