Thursday, June 27, 2013
hello. i'm in the netherlands right now, a little place called eindhoven to be more specific. it's a good change from the 40 celsius degrees weather in dubai, it's about 10 here. anyhow, when planning my trip, i had a layover in dubai, out of interest i decided to go with the 20 hour layover, and worth it it was.

^^ i'm just fascinated by this for some reason. i would so want this in my house some day.

^^ it was 2pm, i was wondering why there weren't many people walking on the street. well, when i came back at night, the streets were packed, and i mean PACKED. it was like 'the strip' in vegas. the tour driver told me everyones sleeping in the day time and they come out at night, it's just way too hot, i mean way. but if you visit dubai in december, the weather would be just right^^

^^ i got lucky and was able to book a safari trip for 3:30pm at 2pm. that meant i had to have a quick lunch close by. being that i was unable find the arabian restaurant the concierge told me, i just went for a random one, which turned out to clearly be a american diner called 'bobs'. well, the mushroom and swiss was pretty delicious so i was glad ^^

^^ i had a headache upon arrival so i took some night tylenol (only ones i had with me) before i left for my safari tour. and pass out i did on the way out of downtown dubai. when i woke up, this was the first thing i saw, wow^

^^ seeing this makes me miss my all my photographer friends a lot, perfect location for a shoot, right?^

^^ photography friends, where are you?!^

^^ on this topic. i did it because you didn't have to pay, it was already part of the tour. but i don't support exploiting animals. i haven't done much research or been too educated on this issue but yeah... any opinions? ^^

^when the rides over, and the camels has to get down, it was a real surprise for me. lets just say i almost fell off^

^dinner at the campsite.^

^ an abaya. what a muslim lady wears everyday. it looks really heavy and hot to walk around in dubai in, but it was surprisingly light. ^

^ it's still on my hand right now, and i can't wait for it to come off. really. ^^

^ my dinner. an arabian dinner. it was interesting but delicious. i wish i knew the names of what was on my plate. anyone do?^^

^^dinner with a bunch of dances ending with a belly dance^

all in all, it was a good 20 hour stay. i hope to be back soon. the middle east is an area i need to get more into. and i wish i knew more about it.

we're headed to london tonight and i won't be bringing my laptop. i may blog a quick update from my phone, but until then... have a good one.


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