Saturday, June 22, 2013
 so i suck at blogging! i'm still trying/learning with blogging!
i had the chance to visit the andy warhol exhibition in shanghai yesterday with a couple friends. i have to restrain on sharing most of the pictures here as they would be deemed inappropriate and ahem *personal* (instagram!). anyway, it was the most fun i've had at an art exhibition, partially because we had security tight on us wherever we went, i'm sure we've become common topic during at their lunch tables and walkie talkies. i won't get into this.. it's a tad bit embarrassing and quite frankly nothing to be proud of. 
so here we go, in a few camera photos, my trip to the andy warhol shanghai exhibition(& we hit the bund later)--
^^what's up dude?^
^ its terribly unfortunate this is the turn out for one of the only photos of the 3 of us on a camera in the museum, we suck^^
^^ i found some kind of humor in this image above. something about it makes me chuckle to thyself. yes i said thyself.
^^ POP ART!! ^

^^ so looking forward to all the museums in nyc!!^

^^ le duh i had to get a picture with the empire state projected on to the wall^

^our attempt at taking a photo together with my camera on the bund^

^^ good way to end the day with a cold chocolate drink right before dinner on a summer's day ^


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