Wednesday, June 19, 2013
just before i head to the airport i've decided this would be a good time for a durian post. yes, a durian post. while i'm aware of the fact that not everyone's a huge fan or in fact a fan at all of durian, i think it would be an interesting topic to touch on. 

as this would account as my last visit to singapore before i leave for new york, i damn well made sure i got a good taste of durian before it's going to be a while before i get another one. durian 'season' would be august, consuming it now would mean we'd be purchasing it at a higher rate than in august, by that i mean double or triple. side note: i bought 2kg for forty bucks this afternoon(the one on the left on the photo below). 
my apartment is about a 15-20 minute walk away from the durian stall. with the haze and heat, i decided i'd take a cab back if possible. now, this leads me to my next story. but most taxi drivers don't allow durians in their cab. i proceeded to explain my problem to the guy selling the durians and he said 'no problem, i'll package it well', and package it well he did.

i hailed a cab and jumped it with my durian. the driver asked me if i ate durian, i said yeah. he was then amused and told me 'thats good, young people today no longer like durians, they can't stand it'. it was then my turn to be amused, i reckoned all singaporeans were durian lovers regardless of age or generation. i was raised as a baby eating durians. we had a durian conversation for, well, basically the entire ride. but a couple things he mentioned stuck out to me. somewhere along the way he said 'it's shameful to be a singaporean and not eat durian', of course please don't take offense if thats you, the tone would be mostly joking with a tint of seriousness. i have equal respect for those who don't enjoy durians. before this turns into a durian novel, i'll wrap this up by saying eating durians is a true singaporean delicacy, something i find great joy in and never forget.
fun fact: we don't have durians growing in singapore, they're mostly from malaysia, but they're our national fruit.

oh and if after reading this, you're in singapore and in the mood for some durians, try Combat Durian by Balestier, it's in my opinion the best in the country.

and now that i'm 18, while visiting my grandma, i took note on the 4d(singaporean lottery company) store downstairs. i thought- well, i'm newly 18 so i'm can walk in and buy the lottery. while everyone in there was filling the forms out like an expert, i had to read the instructions, i was the true definition of 'newbie'. anyway, i filled in four different sets of numbers, which doesn't have any meaning to me, completely random sets of numbers. i bought the numbers and well, i just checked and i didn't win anything. i was hoping for beginners luck, it didn't happen. guess i won't be touching that anymore. 

now, by the end of this post you should know i'm a durian enthusiast, that being said, i'm gladly open for criticism and discussions on the above topics. 

on a personal note: i truly enjoyed my stay in singapore this time. think this would count for my favorite singapore trip in 2013. a little sad to be leaving...


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