Sunday, June 16, 2013
i'm currently in singapore doing a thing where it's kinda like 'taking some time off to myself', but not really, but kinda. anyway, this is just a quick update on what i've been up to. the past two days has been fun filled and energy draining at the same time, spending time with my favorite kiddos(instagram & vine!). 

here's what i plan on doing for the next couple days- wake up naturally, explore my thoughts, write them down, hang out in my pjs, take many baths, hang by the pool, go to the book store, do nothing. 

p.s. i haven't taken a bath since.. forever. for real, its been i think two years since i last took one. first thing upon arrival, take a nice hot bath. 

i'll be back soon. with some real info. please leave in the comments if you have any ideas on how to simply relax or any topics i could cover.


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