Tuesday, June 11, 2013
 so here's the second part of our trip, we went to Gero, a japanese countryside known for it's hot spring/onsen. it's a couple hours away from Nagoya, and four hours away from Osaka. we picked it because I've been there in 7th/8th grade and am familiar with the vibe. oh and yes we sometimes did walk around the town in our kimonos(or whatever the summer version is called), my friend made me.

i'm only sharing the photos from my camera, which wasn't with us often, as usual. i chosen not to share my iPhone photos this time, partially because some of them are on instagram and vine. partially, because we were relaxing and in our birthday suit in a tub most of the time. and also because.. well, i just don't feel like it, sorry. 
^^if you're unfamiliar with how a onsen is like. it basically looks like that except it's in a more natural habitat and everyone is naked inside and the water is crazy hot but comfortable. the above is just a foot onsen^^

^^ green tea ice cream, enough said.^

^^ our dinner in our room. it was quite a delicacy. i'm quite sure i gained a few pounds upon my return^

^ i am thankful for this view when i wake up in the morning^^

^^ a japanese countryside farmers market ^

the following are when we visited a japanese village by the Gero town. thinking back, i'd say it was my favorite part of the trip. i'm actually kind of sick of big cities, i have a certain yearning on moving to the countryside and recuperating there a little bit right now. (nyc, i still look forward to you, don't worry) but yes, this village was a great addition. GREAT.

^^ much more beautiful in person. and can we take a moment to admire that old couple. i'd hope that'd be me one day, how lovely^

^^ honestly the best pork bun I've ever had, if i could share it with the entire world, i would. it doesn't look like it(as usual), but.. hold on a sec, let me grab a tissue to clean my drool..

^^ heading back to kansai airport to catch our flight^

enough picture posts right? i'll come back with some thoughtful ones this week, i've got some weird vibes going on in me.


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