Monday, June 10, 2013

alright i'm back! i just got back from japan last night and i haven't forgotten about this blog. this was my second time in osaka, so it was kinda a walk down memory lane, nothing too surprising, but i still did put on my anthropological glasses while walking around, so chat with me about those observations if you'd like.. so here's osaka in three days with a few friends..

^^ i love you Taka, a lot. ^

^^ oh the food in japan. it's insane. a friend of mine bought so much japanese snacks her suitcase almost exploded, she then had to buy a carton for it. oh and they ate 3 ice creams a day, yeah. just, be prepared to eat if you go to japan^^^

^ result of being sleep deprived^^

^ too delicious^^

universal studios and some other stuff happened in between but the camera didn't get to come along for those... (instagram!!)

^^heading to Gero at 7am in the morning, fun!! ^^

i know i haven't put much words into this post, but i'd rather leave it for a wordy post to be WORDY, alright?

i'll post Gero soon, it's a whole new vibe there. 


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