Monday, June 3, 2013
now that i'm moving from china, it means i'll be leaving friends and family behind. knowing that it's a pain in the ass for them to get on the vpn to go on my blog (some don't have vpn), i've decided it's time to make it an in depended site. so now there's no 'blogspot' at the back, and vpn is no longer needed to access it! glad i could make it easier for everyone.

while doing this, i was thinking whether i should stick with 'phoebessenioritis'. i'm no longer a senior. in fact, i'm now a college freshman. so it would be a little weird. but i decided to keep it since it's the basis/foundation of the blog. i started this blog for that so i'd like to remember that and stay loyal to that. so yes, i'm not ignorant to the fact that i'm not longer a senior so a 'senioritis' blog sounds dumb, but i started this blog during my senior year when senioritis was hitting hard. so yeah. whew, that was a lot of 'senioritis' words. just thought i'd get it out there.

alright, time to get back to packing, submitting forms for colleges and photography stuff. i'll be on instagram and twitter most of the time for japan, but i'll check back in soon!


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