Monday, June 3, 2013
so, i graduated high school yesterday. it's been a while since i wrote on here, life has been being.. well, life. before i get into my graduation thing, i'll briefly mention that i was in singapore for a quick 24+ hours on wednesday/thurs for my cousin's funeral, so, RIP cousin, sending my deepest condolences that way. (this would be very personal, so i'm not going to get into it)...

so yes, i am no longer a high school senior, i'm happy to announce that- i am now a SAS class of 2013 alumni. the day i've been waiting for since who knows how long has finallllllyyyyyy came. and goodness, it felt GOOD.

i originally had planned to fill this post up with endless sentiments, but I've been sleeping for an average of three hours for the past 4 nights, so once again, i'm a bit blank up there right now... maybe another time..

time for some photos (some because this post would be endless if 'all').. a hugeeee thank you to my best friend Noel for taking such wonderful photographs of my graduation!

^^ this is what i look like with food in my mouth^
^-5 degrees celsius ice bar at our restaurant, i could barely stay still for this picture^^
^ about our graduation outfit. its a love/hate thing. i actually really love it. i love how the red chinese material tassel and chinese printings/buttons on the gown carries the meaning that while we're participating in a western practice of a high school graduation and american school, we're an american school in shanghai china. i love the chinese touch to it while still looking quite western. ^^

promise the next time i write i'll put more thought into it... honestly half awake right now..

yesterday was a fun day. i'm off the japan tomorrow! 


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