Saturday, May 25, 2013

for the first time ever. literally ever. i sat on the steps to my backyard today. while i let the dogs run. at dawn.
 in one week, i'd be graduating from high school. once again, overwhelming thoughts running through my mind. i just sat there and.. i don't know, think, i guess. i actually don't remember what i was thinking about but i remember a really strong feeling hitting me, it was good. i wish i could remember it. i might take myself back to that spot at the same time to see if i'd get the same feeling again. 

friday marked my last day of high school ever. forever. (well, unless i manage to do something that would make me have to repeat senior year). the rest of my life is just starting, endless possibilities. how would life be like in 10 years? i wonder. 

exciting stuff, i'll be spending a few days with my friend Kadi towards the end of the summer. wowww.


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