Tuesday, May 21, 2013
my friend and i made a ad for crayola for our english 12 assignment. we're not too confident we got a good grade on it, we'll see. please, take it lightly.

here it is: 
we originally was going to have 'bear sex' on the laptop screen instead of the queen but decided on the queen last minute, bear sex was too cliche. but then again, so is the queen right? btw, i was amazed by how many videos showed up when we hit search for 'bear sex' on youtube. 

anyway(like i always say), i've been inspired lately. i've came to the conclusion that i haven't made a film for myself this year. and i came to the realization that i missed making films, a lot. hopefully i'll be able to get to that soon. i've been inspired to tell some stories. any ideas? 

aaand i got my graduation invites and tickets today, bringing me one step closer to my high school graduation. i cannot begin to fathom... i'll leave these sentiments for the day i actually graduate.

p.s. the title the feels has nothing to do with the ad or the bear sex i posted on here. it's got to do with my feeling of film making coming back. just in case, for the deep thinkers.


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