Sunday, July 7, 2013
London.. it definitely did surprise me, i wasn't expecting myself to get it that much, but i did, and as cliche as it sounds - I love London. however, i did not get a 'i <3 london' shirt. 
I'm currently sitting at a McDonalds during my layover in the Dubai airport typing this, so bare with me...
note: this post is better read while listening to The Vaccines, maybe the first track on their 2011 album would be a good start..
^^ the ferry, on our way to Dover. on the bottom right there you see my friend Claire dodging the camera. i'll touch on the subject of traveling later in another post.^

^^ a bunch of cliches ^
^^ usual city street performance and its crowd^

^^ i have the in focus version but somehow i like this one better. i've recently taken interest of person-out-of-focus shots. don't ask me why, or do so.. this would be an interesting topic to touch on.^

and on the same day there was the Gay Pride Parade London. We both haven't attended one before so we knew it had to be checked out. unfortunately, we were just a hair late to the actual parade but it was a saturday night, so things went on. i managed to capture some vibes it delivered:
^^ we ended up doing this bus tour towards the end of our trip. it was actually pretty fun. i should probably play tourist in every city that has one of these and do it just for the sake of it. nyc, think that one will be fun, time for a big apple bus tour^^

 ^^ congrats!!
 ^ umm. Sir, where'd you get those suspenders? because I'd like some for myself too ^

 ^^ do i even need to.. Big Ben ^
 ^^ it was lovely to see the whole city celebrating the day^
And since it was a saturday night and the parade happened, everyone was going out. we went out to Dalston. a member of Vampire Weekend, Chris Baio was dj-ing, so we thought we'd check it out. the night scene in London is definitely different compared to Shanghai, and Singapore- I believe it's different everywhere. But i very much enjoyed london's nightlife. oh and i got a picture with Baio, so that was kewlll. and we went for kebabs after that, it was good. i'm constantly on the lookout for kebabs now.

^^ head to Hyde Park on a nice sunny day, put on some Vampire Weekend and take a nap under some trees while the you feel the summer breeze. that's all you need to do. maybe if you put on The Vaccines instead you'll get a nice English summer vibe.^^
^^Camden. i call is rock n' roll & grungy. the scent of a certain plant was quite present in this area. reggaeton was playing. beatles shirts were selling everywhere. all sorts of food stalls. i wish i hadn't been surviving on 2 hours of sleep, otherwise i wouldve whipped my hair back and be completely up for all the food- from falafels to pulled pork. yum. maybe next time Camden. note: the above is not an accurate shot of Camden town, i was just fading from my two hours of sleep and people plus heat plus direct sun to pull my camera or iPhone out. but let me tell you, it's got some serious rock n roll vibes to it. ^

 ^^ and if you haven't noticed, i have a serious thing for parks. a serious thing. ^^

and before i end this blog post, i would like to express my condolences and thoughts to those on the Asiana flight that crashed in San Francisco. i was just reading about the two girls on the flight who were heading to the States for summer camp. it could have been someone I knew, or my sister for that matter. i have a deeper connection to this case since that Incheon->SFO route is really common for my family as well as the people I know. 

as I've just left Europe and am in the Middle East now on my way back to Asia, i have a lot to take back and reflect on. i feel i have so many thoughts running through my mind, when it comes to writing time, i'm lost. this is something i have to keep working on. i'll keep working on trying to organize my thoughts and express myself in a proper/more understandable manner on future posts.

And now, listening to The Vaccines, i am missing london terribly. soon, soon. also, their underground/tube is so cute. i don't normally call things 'cute', but it was tiny almost resembles a tea cup to me and it definitely is much cleaner and comfortable compared to the one in new york. ah subways, another topic i would love to touch on. talking hours about the subway sounds like me. 

if anyone would like to discuss the royal english city vibes, i'd be really interested. however, i've not reached the point of being anglophilic yet, somewhere in between maybe. but that's with me and every culture right?

now, maybe it's time for some mcdonalds? i have been sitting here for a while and i'm suffocating in the scent of a mix between greasy-ness and well, deliciousness. and sleep deprived at the same time. 1:51am here..


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