Thursday, July 11, 2013
I am now back in Shanghai and am writing from here, in bed, at the crack of dawn.

Below, you will find an excerpt from a Facebook message I just wrote my friend Noel, who is currently sunning herself in sunny California:
'hello there. I am writing to you at exactly 5am in the morning while sitting on the toilet. don't worry it wasn't a stormy night. however I haven't slept at all. my jet lag has been the worst this time. worst than I've ever experienced. melatonin will be necessary tonight.'

I've taken some interest in shadows lately. So to whet your appetite of a possible shadow post, I've provided a photo above I took of some CHINESE SHADOWS taken from my bed a couple evenings ago while I was battling, let's call it JL, I've been calling it JL.

I figured since I've been lying in bed doing, well, nothing, for the past five plus hours, I'd write a quick blog post. I've been working on two other Europe posts for the past couple days in bits and pieces, in hopes for more thoughts in between. As you can see, I've been busy.. busy jet-lagging. While I was in Europe, and at the end of my patience with jet lagging, I pulled out my melatonin. And I think tonight will be the appropriate time to do so again.


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