Friday, July 19, 2013
I leave for the airport headed to NYC in a few hours, truth be told, I haven't really worked on my supposed blog posts this past week. I've been preparing for our departure and generally trying to overcome my jet lag and relax a little. 
Anyway, I went to The Netherlands first, then together with Claire we went to London and back to The Netherlands, and I left from there. It was my first time to that country, first time seeing Claire's country, I really enjoyed it. (sorry for my lack of thoughts, I'm speed writing/thinking here)

Right before we left for London, I had the honor to attend her high school graduation. Everything in Dutch for two hours, that's where my imagination skills came in handy. Anyhow, congratulations again Claire, we both made it!!

After getting back from London, we headed to Amsterdam for a day. It smelled... well, you know how it would smell. The canals were beautiful.

^^ how i look like when i am snapping away. claire says i go cross eyed when I'm taking photos^

^this country and their bicycles!^

^ i tried this dutch food called 'haring', with bread and onions. if i'm not wrong it's basically raw eel. it was good.^

^^ we visited the Rijks museum in Amsterdam. i now look forward to the museums in new york^^

^^we sat by the canal and had kapsalon for dinner. it was delicioussss^

^^ there's just something about european train stations. they make me pull out my camera^

Right before my flight, we checked out the ultra tourist destination in Holland. It's a dutch country side type thing with the traditional windmills. A beautiful summers day as portrayed.

^^ incredibly steep. 

^ happiness is a choice.

^^ i wouldn't mind owning one of those houses, don't we all? ^

^ the first albert heijn store^

^^ i'm not sure if i got this right but it's a traditional dutch candy, in english it would be: sweetwood. i think in dutch it's zoethout. we bought it at albert heijn. it just felt like i was chewing on a twig that tasted a little like liquorish. ^

^^ clogs. they're used by farmers in holland, it protects the feet when cows step on their foot^^

^^ i really like this picture, unfortunately, the guy who took it.. well... i guess i still really like it^^

Phew, I managed to quickly write some captions and for some photos and descriptions. It's unfortunate, because I have so many stories to tell and so many ideas to reflect on from my trip to Europe. Maybe I'll be able to tell them in the future. Now, some last minute to-dos before I leave. Next time I write it'll be from NYC.. I hope. 


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