Sunday, July 21, 2013
Hello! Lola and I made it to NYC! After a 14 hour flight to Toronto, and another flight to the city, we are here. I must say, traveling with Lola in cabin was not easy at all, it was actually crazily difficult, think I almost had a mental breakdown, or had. It didn't go well but it could've been worse and didn't, for that I am thankful. I am just thankful we both made it here alive. 
I am typing this on my phone right now since the wifi in my apartment isn't working. I just wanted to say a quick hello from our new home for the next six months. I think Lola loves the apartment, she's not too sure about having to walk around the entire city(as you can see in the above picture she is passed out after going out for the morning) and take subways yet, but eventually it'll be a part of her. Now, back to my kitchen mess of first lunch I'm trying to cook for myself. Be back soon. 


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