Wednesday, July 31, 2013
It's been more than a week since we arrived in NYC. Everyday has been crazy busy, it's always go go go. If I'm not out running errands, I'm buying groceries, or washing the dishes or prepping for the next meal, or taking out the trash, or doing laundry, or walking Lola, etc. I'm completely beat by the end of the day. Despite the exhaustion and never ending tasks, we've been loving it so far. 

My camera has only left the apartment once to the nearby park. I'll make sure it happens more. Just, you know, with phones these days, Instagram is so much easier.
 ^^ we had a guest stay with us for a few days last week. she's the cutest old beagle ever!^^
 ^^ oh the high line 

 ^ she's been enjoying all the parks here, especially central park^
 ^ we sit and people watch or sunset watch a lot
^^ i had artichoke the second night after arrival and it was de-li-cious. i think it beats Co. TRY IT!

I had to write this post really quick. Prepping for some things, I'm leaving this Saturday(again!), but I will keep trying to keep up with the blog. There are a few posts planned. And that camera will go out the door more often.


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