Thursday, May 9, 2013
while i didn't have school today and was stuck in bed from my double wisdom teeth extraction, i figured, its time for nyc to be on the blog. 

new york city in the spring, man, words cannot describe how lovely it was. i fell completely in love with the city all over again on a whole different level, not kidding. 

unfortunately, i'm all drugged up for my wisdom teeth crap, so i can't put too much thought to this post for sentiments and all. just, i love you new york. 

so here's to a extra loooong new york post...

we live a few blocks away from central park so on our first morning we had to get up early and jog our lazy bums there. and it was so flippin' worth it.
and chelsea market, you're delicious. 

^ that fresh warm lobster dipped in butter was (insert synonym of amazing here)^

^^ and the high line. my first time, so beautiful. definitely going to be a common spot for me when i move. reading a book, sipping on my drink while watching the sunset on the west side! ^^

                                                            ^^ fidi, oh fidi,  all i can say is we had to get work done.^
^^eataly, go there. we had a meat and cheese platter, i just devoured over it. the name explains it all^

momofuku, I've heard plenty about it, and yes, it lives up to its hype. if you ever go, get a cereal milk, compost cookie and crack pie, and you'll be cheekily satisfied. momofuku in the park, even better. and since my sister requested we get her a penny board, i tried it. it was hard! that was my only time on it, and now it's all my sisters, i'll pass on it for now, think better off ridin' waves ;)

shake shack on the upper west side was necessary. absolutely. and oh those cherry blossoms. this is why i love spring. it's like seeing light at the end of the tunnel after a brutal winter. no really, go get a shake shack burger.

^^ we got all touristy by renting those tourist bikes around central park, but those pounds on our waists needed to go after the burgers and desserts!^^

^ union square farmers market on a saturday morning, how could i say no. and that guy in the red cap, his back reminds me of andrew garfield for some reason :) ^^
^^ i say skip lombardi's and head to co.'s instead, because they've got the best pizza in the city. (i know it doesn't look like it, but it's beyond delicious, i swear)^
knowing the levain cookie had to be tasted, it happened. the line was almost as long as shake shacks. yup yup, it was huge but i had to all to myself anyway (seee now why we have to cycle around central park!)

^^looking for a organic yet mouth watering restaurant in the city? head to abc kitchen. oh and as well as gramercy tavern, and there, prepare yourself for an episode of gossip girl in the main dining room ;) (we enjoyed both dinners very much)^^
^^these. chocolate covered pretzels at dylans candy bar, oh boy, i got a good number of pounds and carried them all the way back to shanghai. bad picture but satisfies your sweet tooth right away! ^^
and how could we have missed the majestic grand central terminal. oooh and the grand central market was a hit too.

... AAAND i am way too excited for that city again. 

and one last thing. can we talk about how much i love how the movie friends with benefits shows off new york so wonderfully? i know i know, judge me all you want. it is a insanely cliche movie, especially since it came out the same time as no strings attached, but but but, it did an amazing job with nyc as it's background. so.. go watch it! 
here's one of my favorite parts out of the many many. and now, turned my favorite song(yeah i like this remix better, sorry frank!)

happy watching!


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