Tuesday, May 14, 2013
first of all, today is a happy day. a very happy one in deed.

 because in the middle of school i got a email from iTunes that the modern vampires of the city album i pre-ordered is now available! and it is as good as the two songs they released. too many favorites. a few would be step(best music video everrr), diane young, ya hey, unbeliever and worship you. what i love about them is that if you listen closely to the lyrics, it's really interesting. did you know diane young actually means 'dying young'! and ya hey means yahweh! oh ezra koenig, you and your beautiful voice(mind and humor!), what more can i say other than to smile til my jaw hurts. so yes, go download the album if you haven't!

and am glad to announce, i'm recovering well from my wisdom teeth. no more starvation. just eat with care, and brush with care!
^^ getting her accustomed to her carrier for the looooong plane ride to nyc. trying to associate positive thoughts with it, like having a greenie when she's in it. and a lot of car rides with her in it of me just driving around the block, non stop. but its okay, anything for her, with a smile, gladly. :) ^^

^^ its truly summer around here now. we've been enjoying lying around bed in the mornings with the sun and warmth coming through with the ac under the cooled blankets. if feels goooooood! did i mention i really like summer?! ^^

^^ 'i'm practically her aunt' - says noel. okay's lola's aunt :)

^ maddie you sweet stinker bug!

can i just say i am just so content with everything, life. with lola lying beside me snoring while i type away pondering how did i get so lucky with life. i am so incredibly thankful for everything and everyone in my life. truly, Godsend. 

and now it's time for me to make two phone calls to new york. this time zone.. coordinating things from half way across the world is no easy task. but that's okay :)

one last thought i'd like to share. just remember, if you felt like you've hit rock bottom, it gets better, it'll start getting better from there on, if it doesn't you haven't hit rock bottom but then it'll get better!

have a great wednesday and rest of the week!

p.s. hope everyone had a great mothers day, and it was my dads birthday on saturday too.


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