Saturday, May 18, 2013

 packing. i use that word a lot, like a lot. 95% of the time it'd be to travel, and this time, it's to move, half way across the world. we spent a few hours getting the clothes and some books done. i'd say one quarter of my stuff are in boxes now. so yes, my rooms a total mess right now. as much as i hate packing, I'm happy. 

one week of school left!!!! whoohoooooooooooooooooooo!!!

so many things making me sneak a smile to myself lately. another thing that makes me happy? vampire weekend. I've been listening to their new album non-stop. and it's incredibly amazing. i know i talked about this already, but i still can't get over it. they're, easy on the ears and easy on the eyes too. let's just say if they(esp. ezra) ended up in my bed, i wouldn't kick them off ;) 

gosh i've been watching this on repeat, i can't wait to see them live this fall in new york. the way they perform, and everything, just perfect. just perfect. 

i've always loved a-punk, but never paid much attention to their music video. jeez VW has some of the best music videos ever. i love this one so so much. so much. 

 alright i'll shut myself up before i continue about them! i'll let their singing do the talking.
 happy weekend, happy vampire weekend ;)


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